Analyze your Whatsapp group chat using Python.

By Rajesh R

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I have been intrigued by the phenomenal adoption of the Whatsapp mobile application globally. Whatsapp has also gradually become super popular, especially in India and among the Indian diaspora spread worldwide. Here it has become the most preferred alternative to SMS. A widespread affair is creating group chats within Families, colleagues, friends, and even people with common topic interests. I have witnessed lots of discussions in some group chats. As a Data Science enthusiast, it is natural for me to study the chats’ sensibilities objectively. …

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It was late October of 1997 that I traveled to the USA on a business trip. In fact, that was my very first international flight trip ever. My flight path was from Chennai to New Delhi to Houston via Paris. The layover at Paris was the famed Charles de Gaulle international’s Airport. The total time to reach Houston was more than nearly thirty hours of travel if one counted it from the time I started from Chennai in India. New Delhi’s international departure was at a time of about three am in the morning. The flight arrived in Paris after…

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Scaling of features is an essential technique in machine learning. Without scaling, there is a likelihood of the ML model becoming weaker or even ineffective. A machine learning algorithm works on numbers, so there is a tendency for the model to lean more towards a higher range of numbers in the feature set. The numbers in the entire feature set are scaled to remain within the same degree possible to prevent this from occurring.

Let’s discuss this using a simple example in Python.

Import panda libraries:

We begin coding by first importing the panda, numpy, matplotlib, and seaborn libraries. Now the Pandas and…

A Poem

A mother and daughter watching the ocean at the time of dawn
A mother and daughter watching the ocean at the time of dawn
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She leaned on her resting mother,

to kiss her on the temples,

began urging her to speak,

with tears incessantly deluging down her cheeks,

yet her mommy wouldn’t converse with her.

Her memories wandered to a moment,

when as a young teen, fate had snatched away from her father forever,

she inquired on this unfortunate arrangement,

that was then her mom the only one,

who conversed convincingly with her.

With an innocent mother and siblings so tender,

that the mantle of the house slowly fell on her,

blossoming into a splendid maiden,

bestowed a shining awareness,

illuminated the…

In this article, I am discussing an educational project work in the fascinating field of Data Science while trying to learn the ropes of Data Science. This write-up intends to share the project journey with the larger world and the outcome.

Data science is a discipline that is both artistic and scientific simultaneously. A typical project journey in Data Science involves extracting and gathering insightful knowledge from data that can either be structured or unstructured. The entire tour commences with data gathering and ends with exploring the data entirely for deriving business value. The cleansing of the data, selecting the…

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